Industrial & Factory HVAC Control Systems

What Do Industrial HVAC Control Systems Do?

Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Ventilation for Your Business.

Often in industrial processes, heat generated from the process itself can create the need for good ventilation and cooling. In contrast, buildings can get incredibly cold in winter and need heating to create a comfortable, safe environment for people and the processes they carry out.

Factory HVAC Systems Create the Optimum Environment for Your Business By:

  • Removing heat from manufacturing processes
  • Ensuring you have clean air throughout the facility
  • Recycling heat from one point to another (see our heat recovery systems).
  • Controlling temperatures to protect production
  • Equalising temperatures throughout your premises using destratification systems

Benefits of HVAC Control Systems

The Right Factory HVAC System Can Help You:

  • Create a healthier, cleaner, more comfortable environment for your staff
  • Protect production quality in processes that can be affected by temperature
  • Lower utility costs, as an optimised industrial HVAC control system can reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce downtime – an environment that is optimised for your plant machinery as well as your people will reduce the risk of breakdowns
  • Increase business value – the installation of an HVAC control system is a valuable asset

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How Do Industrial HVAC Control Systems Work?

Manufacturing processes can often result in a large build-up of heat, sometimes in excess of what is practical for workers to efficiently or safely work in. Integrated Air Systems’ HVAC control systems not only cool down high temperature areas; they can reuse the heat generated in other areas of the building, for example, office space, so you use less energy and save money.

Typically, we mount an Air Handling Unit (AHU) at an elevated position within your facility. This unit, coupled with a ducting system, processes the air to your specifications and distributes it to air vents throughout the facility. The building is maintained under positive pressure to remove the risk of contamination from air flow into the facility from outdoors.

We also provide industrial sized roof exhaust fans which, coupled with an air input system, can be an incredibly effective way to gain air changes and a great value way of solving summertime cooling issues. And if your workplace suffers from extreme heat build-up, we can provide evaporative and direct expansion cooling systems also, which can rapidly cool hot air and add comfort to the work areas.

What Are the Applications of Industrial HVAC Control Systems?

Factory HVAC systems can be used in any facility that needs warming up or cooling down, or where improved air flow is required.


Integrated Air Systems and Your Industrial HVAC Control System

There is no ‘standard’ HVAC control system. Every business will have its own issues with heat, cold and ventilation, and every project we undertake has its own complex set of variables, from the numbers of staff to the heat generated by machinery; from the type of building to the temperature sensitivity of the processes that take place within it.

Integrated Air Systems Ltd takes account of all these factors to create factory HVAC control systems tailored to your requirements. We are a trusted industrial HVAC solutions partner for companies such as Ball Packaging, Rexam, DS Smith, De La Rue, and Craftec. We would love to be yours.

To discuss your business and explore how we can help make your workplace safer, more efficient and more comfortable, contact us today.

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