Industrial Thermal Fluid & Heat Recovery Systems

Cut your energy costs and improve your carbon footprint by reusing the waste heat generated by your processes.

What Do Industrial Heat Recovery Systems Do?

Whatever your business does, heat is a by-product of its processes. Whether you operate water cooled compressors, refrigeration plants, Regenerative thermal oxidisers, boilers, dryers or more, heated air is generally expelled through your stack exhausts.

Heat recovery ventilation systems can cut the cost of supplying your facility with 100 % fresh, temperate air.

Air to water and water to water heat exchangers can be used to recover significant amounts of energy. Water you use for cooling purposes usually carries the collected energy and dissipates it to the atmosphere via a cooler of some type.

All these processes offer an ideal opportunity to re-use energy before it is dissipated.

These types of energy recovery systems will help to significantly cut your energy bills.

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How Do Industrial Heat Recovery Systems Work?

There are many different types of industrial heat recovery and thermal fluid systems including dry air cooling process water systems, chilled water process cooling systems, HVAC heat recovery and stack exhaust heat recovery, but most operate on a similar principal.

Rather than losing the heated waste air or water, heat recovery systems use some of the energy in what is being extracted to heat incoming air or water. Effectively, that means that incoming air is pre-warmed so, for example, an air handling unit with a gas burner and a water coil fitted will save the energy as it can possibly warm the air upto 20-25 degrees C without the requirement for gas.

Similarly, water can be used to transfer energy from an air exhaust process and heat you’re a boiler return feed so that the temperature can be boosted back up to the supply temperature (again negating the need for the gas).

When the temperature of waste air travelling through your exhaust stacks can be up to 300°C, you can see the potential savings to be made from recovering just a proportion of it. Some studies* suggest that heat recovery systems can lead to energy savings of up to 50% or more.

Integrated Air Systems and Industrial Heat Recovery Systems

Integrated Air Systems Ltd designs, supplies, installs, project manages and commissions industrial heat recovery and thermal fluid systems around the world.

As each client’s facilities, processes, energy consumption and waste production are different, we take a tailored approach to all our heat recovery projects. We begin by assessing your workplace, before advising you of the savings you could achieve, and the various ways in which you could reduce your carbon footprint through effective industrial heat recovery.

Our solutions are bespoke, tailored to the scale of air/water flow of your system, and developed in-house. We fabricate and install every element of the recovery system, including pump skids, bare-shaft pumps, discharge manifolds, valves, instrumentation and full control panel systems.

The resulting packaged units come pre-wired, pre-piped and we can install them quickly and simply, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

To discuss your business’ needs and explore how thermal heat recovery and thermal fluid systems can help make your workplace more energy efficient and more cost-effective, please contact us.

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