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Integrated Air Systems Ltd is a market leading project engineering company specialising in surveying, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of air conveyance; dust, fume and waste extraction; industrial ventilation and air filtration systems.

Our clients choose Integrated Air Systems because they know that, whether they ask us to modify their existing industrial ventilation system to meet new requirements, or they need an entirely new air filter system designing from scratch, we can help.

From system design and project planning to manufacture, supply, installation and ongoing health and safety assessments, we are the through-life supplier of efficient, cost-effective and compliant air filtration and factory ventilation systems.

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About Integrated Air Systems Ltd

You’ll find our HVAC; oil mist, dust and waste extraction systems, factory ventilation and air filtration systems in workplaces and manufacturing facilities across the globe, from Vietnam to the Czech Republic, Australia to America.

Since 2002, we have been recognised experts in bespoke air ventilation, filtration, and extraction  solutions.

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The Benefits of Our Systems

The industrial ventilation systems, heat recovery and air filter systems we design, manufacture and install are busy doing far more than simply ventilating or heating workspaces, or extracting dust and waste.

  • They are creating safer workspaces, ensuring businesses meet their health and safety obligations and protecting their people from harm.
  • They are creating more efficient spaces, which waste less, recycle more, and cut the cost – to the environment and the bottom line.
  • They are helping to produce better products, free from contaminants like dust and oil vapour.
  • They are reducing the risk of equipment breakdowns and associated, costly production downtime.
  • And our industrial ventilation and air extraction systems are making processes simpler, reducing maintenance requirements and cutting resource required to manage waste.

Choose your system

  • Dust extraction – The harmful dust particles of manufacturing, safely removed by air filtration systems that create a cleaner, safer workspace
  • Fume extraction – Remove harmful airborne fumes, trap them, and return clean air to the workspace.
  • HVAC – Heating, cooling, air conditioning and factory ventilation systems for your business
  • Oil mist extraction – Air extraction systems that remove hazardous oil mist from the environment, protecting your people, plant and products
  • Heat recovery – Recycle the waste heat your processes produce with heat recovery factory ventilation systems and more
  • Scrap & trim removal – Create a safer, cleaner workplace with these air extraction systems
  • Automated handling systems – Reduce the time, resource and cost of your waste management


Discuss your business requirements and discover how we can help make your workplace safer, more efficient and more cost effective. Contact us today.

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