Industrial Dust & Fume Extraction Systems

Fume control and dust extraction systems for a safer, cleaner, compliant workplace.

Benefits of fume and dust control systems

From paint spraying and soldering to food, paper or beverage can production, lots of industrial processes create dust or fumes. When this dust and industrial fume is breathed in, it can harm your workers, even causing conditions including asthma and cancer.

It’s not just your workers that are at risk either. The more particles you leave to coat walls and machinery, the greater the risk of equipment breakdown, or reduced efficiency. And in some processes (from paint spraying to food production to pharmaceuticals), maintaining a clean environment is essential to a quality finish or contaminant free product.

In all these instances, industrial dust extraction and fume control systems (known collectively as LEV or Local Exhaust Ventilation systems) can help remove airborne particles, trap them in industrial dust filters, and return clean air to the workspace.

Industrial dust & fume controls systems can also:

  • Ensure you remain compliant with health and safety regulations
  • Create a workspace that contributes to swifter, safer production
  • Reduce the risk of explosions through volatile fumes
  • Reduce the risk dust can pose to all equipment, including IT equipment

How do industrial dust and fume extraction systems work?

To be effective, your dust extraction solutions should be tailored to the process (i.e. the dust or fume being created) and the equipment used to create it. When a huge range of machinery can create airborne particles, from flatbed saws, to robot welding stations to hand spray guns, it’s vital to have industrial dust control systems in place that capture more of the dust and fumes.

With the right capture equipment in place, the dust and fume are sucked into ducts by the fan. The ducts then transport the contaminated air to industrial dust filters. These dust extraction filters ‘scrub’ the air, removing particulates which can then be collected in hoppers and safely disposed of.

Combined with an industrial ventilation system, once the air has passed through the dust control filters it can recycled back into the atmosphere, hazard-free.

Crucial to effective industrial fume extraction is the hood. It’s the part of your dust control system that ensures dust can be actively controlled. Without the right hood for the right application, you won’t trap enough dust and fume to create a safe, efficient working space. And that’s where Integrated Air Systems can help.

Our dust filters can conform to ST1,2 and 3 classes dependent on the composition of the dust by-product from your process.

What are the applications of industrial extraction systems?

Dust control systems are essential in any business where processes generate dust or fume. Most recently we have been designing systems for removing metallic dust, chemical fumes and lacquer dust for companies such as Crown Packaging, De La Rue, Johnson Controls, Perrys Recycling, Rexam, Smurfit Kappa and more around the world.

Integrated Air Systems and your industrial dust extraction solutions

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