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Turn Your Waste Into Profit

In any business where metal-working is part of the production process, swarf management is a frequently underestimated factor. Quicker production processes mean many businesses produce more swarf at a faster rate than ever before. Swarf management systems that can remove the swarf from the working area quickly and safely are, therefore, essential.

Yet swarf removal is not the only issue. With so much value in aluminium and other metal swarf recycling, the challenge is to ensure you make a larger profit from your waste.

Using our extensive knowledge of the metal machining industry, Industrial Air Systems can provide swarf recycling systems that keep the factory floor clean, while ensuring you enjoy increasing revenue from your waste products.

Benefits of Scrap Metal Swarf Recycling

Install effective swarf removal for your CNC machines and you’ll discover a wide range of benefits:

  • Reduce bushy swarf through crushing or shredding
  • Recover up to 90% of coolant from the waste swarf
  • Increased the value of scrap swarf after processing
  • Reduce skip yields and waste collections using Briquetter Process Machinery
  • Create one centralised waste collection area
  • Reduce manual resource involved in swarf removal
  • Improve health & safety
  • Reduce downtime
  • Protect the service life and productivity of plant equipment

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How Does Swarf Recycling Work?

Using vacuum technology, our swarf management systems collect both ferrous (e.g. iron, steel) and non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper, tin, aluminium) for swarf recycling.  The system transports the swarf through pipework to a processing system where the shredding, separating, coolant removal and swarf recycling take place.

Once processed, the swarf is ready for sale to and removal by your preferred recycling company. All our systems are complete with sensors throughout to monitor the swarf levels. They will automatically shut down if no swarf is in the system ensuring low energy running costs. System capacities are unlimited and typically start from 150kg/h of non-ferrous swarf.

What Are the Applications of Swarf Removal and Management?

Common applications for scrap metal swarf recycling systems include general metal machining, milling, saw cutting swarf removal from CNC machining and swarf recycling in aluminium can and container manufacture.

The sectors that use our swarf recycling systems most frequently include: aerospace, automotive, bearings, precision machining, rail and metal manufacturing.

Swarf Recycling with Integrated Air Systems

Integrated Air Systems Ltd has over 80 years’ collective experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining material conveyance systems, including swarf management systems.

All our systems are bespoke and designed to your specific requirements, and we can create new, standalone systems or integrate them with your existing ones.

Our approach to swarf recycling ensures a swift return on investment, and enables you to meet the current and future demands of your machining processes, whilst turning more of your waste into profit.

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