Scrap, Trim & Waste Removal/Extraction Systems

How can a waste removal system actively aid production and protect your staff and business? Discover waste and edge trim extraction systems from Integrated Air Systems Ltd.

Benefits of Scrap Removal Systems

Efficient, well designed scrap and waste removal systems are an essential part of high output production lines.  Instant removal of scrap from the working environment can improve the workspace, reduce health and safety and fire risks, keep your people safe from injury and protect your business’ reputation from harm. And that’s not all. Installing a single workplace trim extraction system can also:

  • Increase efficiency by maintaining continuous production
  • Improve profitability through easy recycling, continuous production and reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Create one centralised waste collection area, and one easily managed waste system
  • Reduce the cost of multiple pieces of extraction equipment (and their maintenance costs)
  • Protect against the risks caused by build-up of waste materials on the factory floor
  • Ensure consistently safe and clean air for your workforce

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How Do Scrap Removal Systems Work?

A typical waste removal system uses extraction points strategically positioned near key waste generating areas of your production process. Each extraction point is connected to a main header system that leads back to waste handling fans which creates the correct volume, pressure and conveying velocity within the system to keep the trim waste moving, and which enables the waste removal system to rapidly remove the material at source. The fans are usually fitted with cutting blades to assist with the breakdown of larger pieces of waste such as corrugated trimmings from a die cutter or aluminium scrap from the beverage can process.


The scrap that is conveyed through the ducting system continues on from the fan into an air separator which removes the waste material (such as corrugated and paper trim) from the conveying air stream, ready to be recycled or removed.

The removal point (usually a baler or compactor) is strategically positioned within the facility, ensuring waste is captured, removed and transported as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Additionally, a dust filter can be installed for the exhaust air to remove dust from the airstream. This air can then be returned back into the process area to save energy.

What Are the Applications of Scrap and Trim Removal Systems?

Our waste removal systems are being used across a wide range of industries and applications including:

  • Corrugated trim extraction
  • Carton board packaging excess
  • Newspaper and magazine printing
  • Printer trim
  • Toilet rolls and paper towel products
  • General paper edge trim extraction and removal
  • Aluminium Beverage/Drink cans
  • Food packaging and other foil or film products
  • Carpet and textile waste

We have installed edge & scrap removal systems and other integrated air products for companies such as Crown Packaging, Roeslein & Associates, Rexam, Ball Packaging, Smurfit Kappa, Tata Global Beverages and DS Smith Packaging and more.

Integrated Air Systems and Your Scrap and Trim Extraction

The Integrated Air Systems team has over 80 years’ collective experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining waste removal systems, providing a “one stop shop” service for your entire edge trim extraction system project, taking you all the way from initial enquiry to installation and commissioning.

To discuss your particular business needs please contact us. We are always happy to answer any queries you may have.

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