Fume Extraction & Removal Systems

Benefits of Industrial Fume Extraction Systems

Fume Extractors for a Safer, Cleaner, Compliant Workplace.

From paint spraying to welding, lots of industrial processes create harmful fumes including chemical and acid fumes. When this fume is breathed in, it can harm your workers, even causing conditions including asthma and cancer.

It’s not just your workers that are at risk either. The more particulates left floating in the air, the greater the risk of contamination (in the case of food, drink and pharmaceuticals) or a damaged finish (in the case of spray painting and similar processes).

In all these instances, a fume extractor can help remove airborne particles, trap them, and return clean air to the workspace.

Industrial fume extraction systems can also:

  • Ensure you remain compliant with OSHA, NIOSH, HSG258, COSHH and other health and safety regulations
  • Create a workspace that contributes to swifter, safer production
  • Reduce contamination of and damage to equipment and surfaces

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Weld Fume Extraction Systems

Of all the fumes that can accumulate within a workspace, it is perhaps weld fume that can be most damaging. Integrated Air Systems designs and installs air welding fume removal systems that will:

  • Protect your people from the harmful contaminants within weld fume, including manganese, nickel, chromium and zinc
  • Prevent the build-up of harmful gases within the workspace, which can deplete oxygen and lead to fires or explosions
  • Protect weld quality and other manufacturing processes
  • Ensure you remain compliant with applicable legislation, and free from the risk of fines and compensation claims

Our fume extractors and weld fume extraction systems ensure that more of the fume is removed at source, ensuring it never gets the chance to contaminate the workplace.

How Do Fume and Weld Fume Extractors Work?

With the right fume extractor in place at the point of fume generation, the fume is sucked into ducts by a fan. The ducts then transport the contaminated air to industrial filters which ‘scrub’ the air, removing particulates which can then be collected in hoppers and safely disposed of.

Combined with an industrial ventilation system, once the air has passed through the filters it can recycled back into the atmosphere, hazard-free.

Crucial to effective industrial fume extraction, and especially welding fumes extraction, is the hood. Without the right hood for the right application, you won’t trap enough fume to create a safe, efficient working space. And that’s where Integrated Air Systems can help.

What are the Applications of Industrial Fume Extraction Systems?

Fume extractor systems are essential in any business where processes generate smokes, acid and chemical fumes or vapours.

Most recently we have been designing chemical and welding fumes extraction systems for companies such as Crown Packaging, De La Rue, Johnson Controls, Perrys Recycling, Ball Packaging, DS Smith Packaging and many more companies around the world.

Integrated Air Systems and your industrial fume extraction solutions

Make Integrated Air Systems your chemical, acid and welding fumes extraction systems partner.

To discuss your business and explore how we can help make your workplace safer and more efficient, please contact us.

Find out more about fume extraction and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) in the workplace. Visit www.hse.gov.uk/lev.

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