Machine Coolant Recycling Systems

Clean, Capture, Re-use – and Save Money on Your Coolant

Many industrial processes such as turning, milling and grinding create smoke from the heat of the machined component along with fine metal particles from flood coolant techniques. The coolant disperses the chips and fines to the sump of the machine tool conveyor.

Yet for all the good that coolant does, it can also present a risk. Coolant can be atomised into airborne particles with the potential risk of inhalation. It can cause a poor quality finish on machined components (simulating a media blast effect if the coolant is not cleaned). And the more coolant that remains on machined chips, the greater the environmental run off risk, and the greater the cost of coolant.

Recycling coolant, however, can limit all the above risks. As modern day machining methods create swarf at an ever faster rate, we provide the machine coolant recycling systems that enable you to clean and recycle as much coolant as possible – so you save money.

Benefits of Machine Tool Coolant Recycling

Integrated Air Systems coolant recycling machines provide the following benefits to your business:

  • Reduce annual costs by recovering used coolant
  • Recover up to 85% of used coolant by recycling
  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Improve health and safety (e.g. minimise employee skin conditions in the workplace)
  • Reduce smoke, odours and bacteria in the workplace
  • Improve tool life and component quality through used coolant recycling
  • Reduce downtime by installing automatic mixing stations/systems
  • Increase machine tool life cycle with cleaner coolant
  • Coolant recycling improves the quality of machined components (through cleaner coolant within the system and by removing more coolant particulates from the air)
  • Choose systems to handle one machine tool or multi-machine tools from a centralised area

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How Does Coolant Recycling Work?

The precise coolant recycling systems for your workplace will depend on your tools, processes and the volumes of coolant you use, but a typical machine coolant recycling system will work by pumping out and constantly recirculating the coolant. As it travels round the system, the coolant picks up worn metal from the cutting tool and machined component fines collected in the sump.

Wet chips are then centrifuged to remove coolant cutting fluids leaving dry, clean chips that are easier to store and worth more money than dirty, clogged fines and swarf.


What are the applications of machine coolant recycling?

Common applications include CNC machining, grinding, polishing, heat treatment, rolling, and wire drawing.

Swarf Recycling with Integrated Air Systems

Integrated Air Systems Ltd has over 80 years’ collective experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining material conveyance systems, including coolant recycling machines.

Using our extensive knowledge of the metal machining industry we can provide systems to ensure your business meets the most rigorous coolant recycling standards whilst increasing revenue from your waste coolant products.

Our coolant recycling systems are already benefitting industries including aerospace, automotive, bearings, precision machining, rail, metal manufacturing, and mould & die manufacturing.

We would love to show you how we can help your business clean and recycle its coolant and save money.

To find out how we can help you, please contact us.

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