Automated Waste Handling Systems

Benefits of Automated Waste Handling Systems

Reduce the time and resource required to manage your waste. Discover the potential of automated waste handling systems with Integrated Air Systems.

The simplest reason to install an automated handling system is cost. When you can leave the system to manage extraction, baling and stacking, you don’t need the same level of human intervention. So handling systems can reduce resource requirements and increase savings realised through staff efficiencies.

But the Benefits Stretch Much Further Than That;

  • System automation provides additional health and safety benefits, removing the need for staff to handle any potentially hazardous material or operate potentially hazardous equipment
  • It cuts (or removes altogether) the risks inherent in manual waste extraction
  • It speeds up your waste management processes
  • And, despite the automation, you still retain full control over your waste management, with auto or manual modes giving you complete flexibility

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How Do Automated Handling Systems Work?

Automated handling systems are playing their part in numerous applications – not just waste management – in businesses across the UK. They can be designed to achieve virtually any goal and are a common solution for organisations wishing to streamline workplace efficiency across the production process.

Of all the processes that can be automated, waste handling systems lend themselves particularly well to the technology.

Typically, automation involves handling, measuring and stacking of bale waste, and transporting the waste to your preferred destination, which may be a storage area, a recycling facility or a collection point. System specifics vary by facility and your particular needs, but our automated waste handling systems will usually include:

  • A custom designed bale transport system
  • Purpose built bale lifting clamp and robotic arm
  • Automated measuring
  • Automated pallet handling for bale stacking
  • Pallet feed and transport system with automatic strapping system

What Are the Applications of Automated Handling Systems?

The most common use for our handling systems is baled can scrap production waste, but they can prove effective in any baled waste management process.

Integrated Air Systems and Your Waste Handling Systems

There’s far more to your automated handling system than the hardware that goes into it. System design, and tailoring the process to deliver maximum efficiencies to your business is crucial to deliver the greatest ROI.

That’s why, at Integrated Air Systems, we’re more than a supplier of handling systems to a range of businesses in a variety of industries. We deliver solutions, and are trusted to design and install fully automated bale handling and conveyance systems that make processes swifter, safer and simpler.

Talk to us about creating the automated waste handling system that can help your business be more efficient. For a site survey or if have any questions, please contact us.

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